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Mineral water treatment system

Mineral water treatment system

Product name:Mineral water treatment system


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Mineral water treatment system: It is applied for the production of mineral water, drinking water ,carbonated drink, juice etc beverage. Water treatment system includes water tank, quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precise filter, hollow fiber filter, UV Sterilizer and Ozone generator (we can choose one from UV and Ozone) and Ozone mixing tower,. All these machines made by stainless steel food stage.
Water tank: It was made of stainless steel, you can buy it in local or from our company.
Quartz Sand Filter--- If we need cleaning water, we must treat water, The basic way is to filter impurity in water with all kinds of medium.We call it quartz sand filter(Multi-medium filter). The quartz sand filter can remove silt, suspended matter and colloid etc impurity from water. So it can reduce the mechanical damage and pollution of RO membrane element. Quartz sand filter is pre-treatment system. Quartz sand filter was made of 304 stainless steel. It has many advantages such as occupying small area, easy and simple operation and maintenance, large volume and reverse washing. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and several layer quartz and sand.It meets the demands of food sanitation

Active Carbon Filter---The filter material is active carbon. The active carbon can adsorb off flavor, surface-active agents, free chlorine and organic matter. It can remove organic matter (like benzol, phenol), surface-active agents etc from water.And it can also romove free chlorine. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. This filter is designed for drinking water treatment..The filter is the ideal equipment for drinking water, foodstuff, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Sodium ion exchanger --- We call it softner. This machine use Na+ change the metel ion , to make the water softner.

Precise filter--- precise filter is made of stainless steel as a small tank which contains precision filter membrane, it only allows un-treated water go through the membrane, and does not allow any liquid go through another part, so it can filter the un-treated water. It also can be used in petroleum industry, pharmacy industry, wine making industry, beverage industry and higher quality water industry.

Hollow fiber filter--- Hollow Fiber Filter: it is a important equipment to treat mineral water, the RO can not treat mineral water as the RO will remove everything from water except little salt.
Filter is a kind of membrane separate technology which is widely used for separating goods shrink and extract in recent ten years international. It is national 75 science items.Hollow-fiber membrane filter is a kind of semi-membrane which is made of highly molecule Material adopting special technology. It appears hollow thin pipe shape,the wall of the pipe micro hollow,Under the action of the pressure,the original liquid flow in and out of the membrane, the liquid or small molecule,may pass through the membrane,after collecting and become filter liquid,the high molecule goods protein, nucleic acid, alymose and glue particle are prevented in the membrane surface,The original liquid which is circularly flowed will be taken away and become shrink liquid so that the goal of goods separating, shrinking and extracting is reached.

UV sterilizer--- This ultraviolet sterilizer is a closed cabinet device made up of sterilizer drum, electronic control and cabinet body. The ultraviolet sterilizer is made of excellent stainless steel which has a high reflection rate of the UV and produces no pollution during its use, complying with the sanitation requirements of food industry. Inside the drum are UV lamp and quartz glass tube. It is important machine to sterilize the pure water.

Ozone generator: Ozone sterilizer is designed and made to produce ozone,which is to sterilize.Ozone molecule is the allotrope of oxygen atom, With the molecule formula O3. As a kind of strong oxidizers, O3 is with its function on the field of sterilizing. It is Wildly used in the living drinking and mineral water producing. It has the special function to deal with the poisonous and Hardly-decomposed contamination and to improve the biology activity.
The equipment is mainly used in water treatment project. It can produce great deal of ozone to clean and sterilize. The ozone-sterilization has advantages of quick speed. harmlessness, and it could not cause pollution again. It is the ideal sterilizer for bottled mineral water and pure water.

Ozone mixing tower---- Ozone comes into water to get perfect sterilizing effect under the action of Ozone mixing tower. Ozone mixing tower can let the ozone mix into water fully under certain pressure and time. The mixing time is determined by the mixed pressure level. Low pressure long mixing time. Ozone mixing tower was used for pure drink water, mineral water, spring water and pure water.

Remark: The connect pipe is PVC, if you need stainless steel pipe, it is ok.
Capacity: from 1000 liters/h to 20,000liters/h

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